This project is designed throughout the vision of STP to serve the concept of developing the community with a positive leading youth and this is obtained by compromising between the managerial science that present in four workshop

and the practical life ,this is applied through the project day and the simulation.

Supply Chain

It has been a long journey for you to
hold it in your hands Just like rhythms and tones creating a magnificent symphony, products and services survive many stages from the complete absence till the absolute presence passing by the raw material selection, the manufacturing and the distribution stage.

We select suppliers, we bring, we check, we make, we distribute, we synchronize and when we are gone Neither the products nor the services will exist.

Curious about us?
Join us to lead an orchestra and
be the maestro.


Do you know what the difference
between wants & needs?

In other words marketing is not just advertising, it is reading your customers' mind and prepare a strategy to deal with it.
Together we will take a deep trip to our minds to build our desire and an endless valuable relationship with our customers so we can achieve a good marketing strategy since “you can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”.
A marketer can sell goods while
a good marketer can sell everything....

join us & Dig deep
to be the

Project Management

Tick tock the clock is ticking,
there’s a deadline, there’s a lot to be done,
two or three things should be done simultaneously.
Everything you do in your life; eating, sleeping, reading, etc. is a project in itself, but how many of these projects actually pushed you ahead of the curve?
How many of them have you planned well enough and managed flawlessly?
Dive deep into the ocean of project management, where water will teach you the flexibility you need to face the obstacles, be the Octopode andwork out everything your project needs to accomplish your vision and mission, embrace the multi-tasking mentality.

Join us to be the octopode
andfind your 8 hands.

& E-commerce

Microsoft, Alibaba and Honda are
great projects that started with just
a small idea.
But how did these inceptioneurs begin!?
Join us and you’ll have the chance to know from where YOU should begin.

You’ll be able to generate ideas and understand the ABC allthe way to Z of how to make a proper business plan. In addition to that you will be introduced to marketing and online-marketing. Simply you will have an answer to your question: How can I turn my ideas into reality or virtual reality?

An idea loses its power if it remained just a dream' So blow the whistle
it’s time to a kickoffjoin us to be
the inceptioneur.