STP History


-The First in Faculty of Engineering student-run Organization to introduce peer to peer learning.

-Best Student activity in Cairo University.

-Soft opening at cairo international conference center.


-Juniors Project first launch.

-Nominated for the best student activity in the whole century of cairo university.

-STPANZA Magazine first issue.


-STP had 21 sponsors.

-Held the opening ceremony at EL-Quba with Hamza Namira.

-Represented the Egyption Youth in the world youth forum in sharm EL-sheikh.

-Radio Project first Launch.

-Engineering project first launch.

-Engineering fresh man orientation first launch.


-STP had 23 sponsors.

-Engineering track first launch.

-Project day at nile university Smart village.


-Celebrated STP fifth year at EL-Quba of cairo university.

-Radio Project reached 600 listener with 24 hours streaming.

-Redesigned STP's Structure.

-STP organized the graduation ceremony of the faculty of Engineering cairo university at El qubba Hall.

-The first student organization to run through a professional matrix structure.


-They were persistent enough the projects though the circumstances of the revolution.


-Building STP calibres from new generations for up coming years. .

-The first Launch of "هتعلى بيك" entrepreneurship event with 1300 applicant..

-closing at the conference hall at faculty of medicine .

-Workshops simulation held at Arab Academy for science and Technology.

-The first Launch of magazine project.

-The first Launch of Juniors project day.


-Soft opening ceremony at "salah EL-DIN Citadel".

-"2.0 هتعلى بيك" event,1300 Attendee.

-The first career Mart event at EL-Quba cairo university .

-STP organized a team building event for 1000 employees of DANON.

-15000 Applicant for the whole year.

-The first Launch of Juniors big day at CIC university.

-Held a successful career development guidance event "CLIMAX" in faculty of Engineering Cairo university .


-Juniors big day at CIC university.

-"3.0 هتعلى بيك" event,1500 Attendee.

-Marketing campaign of "#انا_2034" .reaches 1.7 million on face book.

-STP face book fan page reaches 100,00 with 400% increasing.


-Opening ceremony on the land of "GIZA PYRAMIDS".

-"هتعلى بيك" Social splash scope of social enterprises.

-SOLAR CHALLENGE "First solar car race in Egypt with participation of 90 team over 12 university ".

-10th year celebration & closing ceremony at EL-Quba main hall cairo university .


-Opening ceremony in "Egyptian Opera house".

-career Mart 2.0 in the Greece campus.

-"SOLAR CHALLENGE 2.0" participation of 120 team.

-Work shops at MSA university.