Empowering the project's participants with
hands-on experience in different engineering track through

"Robo life"

Have you ever dreamt of turning your life
Your dream is about to come true! As from now on you get to create and control your own robomate through our two workshops; electronics and mechanics.

Electronics: Gives you the chance to code, design and solve the electronic circuit puzzle to turn basic electronic components and sensors together to life through programming Arduino and Raspberry pie.

Mechanics: Gives you the opportunity to turn science into art where you will learn how to design your mate using solid works, set its limits, choose the most convenient properties and fabricate it with excellence. Join “Robolife” to create your robomate!

Renewable Energy

Imagine bringing the countryside’s fresh environment to the city!
Throughout our workshop we will use the power of sun rays to light your life permanently,
extract heat from the centre of the Earth,
refresh your life by the strength of air molecules and open your way to organic life.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

So join “Dawn” and give your earth a new birth.

Robo Life