STP stands for Steps Towards Progress. We are a Student Activity that was founded in 2005 at the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University.


Career mart
Introduced by STP for the second time, as it’s of great value and for a high objectives, as it introduced to not only faculty of engineering, but all facilities and postgraduates. Career mart introducing different tracks and careers for the undergraduates to explore other options and other pathways to take, to broaden their field of vision and perspective, and for the post graduates there was many real opportunities for jobs all at one place and to help them in defining their vision and stay awake for opportunities and more responsible in take decision as well.
Solar race
Also introducing by STP for the second time, whose objective was that engineers and any student really to believe that un reachable, theories are now being implemented by no one but students who will gain great knowledge and experience, students who will believe that there is nothing impossible once you put it in your heart and soul and how it is very difficult to handle throughout 5 months with different kinds of teams and backgrounds.


إذا أردت أن تعرف عند الله مقامك فانظر فيما أقامك
200 members working with every breath, using every skill they have and experiencing any hidden skills to also use it up entirely, when it comes to events, workshops, or any project, they make sure there was nothing more they couldnt have done, purely wishing every act is truely affecting people in a positive way, it all comes down to هتعلى بيك/ إنت كتير/ واحد بألف/ بم تسعى And for the theme this year is فيما أقامك